FAQ for students and parents

Why are application essays more important than ever?
Due to Covid: “No student will be disadvantaged because of a change in commitments or a change in plans due to the continued Co-variants of covid outbreaks.  The school’s choice concerning decisions about transcripts, the absence of AP and IB tests, their lack of access to standardized tests (although many colleges don’t require these tests), or an inability to visit a campus. Students are encouraged to be gentle with themselves during this time but, the question still remains:  How exactly will students be considered for entrance to college. At a time when the standardized options are carrying much less weight in the admissions process the common Application and other essays are considered: RELIABLE: An essay has the power to make a strong and lasting impression. Because of Covid, many schools have gone test-optional, and the GPAs are infamously inflated. Many students have the same GPA, but you, the student have their own story.  Effective writing can make a strong impression. INTROSPECTIVE: Do you, the student, have a clear sense of what they want moving forward? TIMELESS: Personal expression, self-advocacy, and powerful communication of goals are skills.  They will continue to benefit students for the rest of their lives.  If the student goes it alone the essay may lack focus and get lost in the pile.  With the help of a college and career consultant, the student will complete an essay that is concise, unique, and personal. Now that you know what can set your essay apart; capitalize on compassion, you have a fighting chance to be authentic, personable, and noticeable.