Private Career and College Counseling

Phyllis offers private career and college counseling located in Windham, Maine.  She has a proven track record and a strong presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. She will provide a fully customized, all-inclusive plan with dedicated support following her clients one full year after graduation. Every client is unique and one size does not fit all.

After 40 years as a public school counselor, Phyllis understands the need for private consultants to assist with planning and the transition phases as she is a pioneer in the laborious details and preparation needed to transition from school to career. Most recently she increased her business presence with an updated web page with updated  skills: Myers/Briggs and ASVAB certified.  College Knowledge will be looking for the “Best Fit” career and college for her client.

 “Better Together” helps to describe the factors that differentiate and set College Knowledge apart from your public school counselors:  Both are needed and can work together.

Public School Counselors have a huge caseload of students with daily crises. School counselors are responsible for meetings, planning, scheduling and a wide variety of issues and duties that must be attended to on a daily basis. College Knowledge intentionally keeps a small caseload in order to avail time for each of the needs of the client.

College Knowledge has critical experiences coming from teaching, coaching, counselor, director of counseling, business owner, and hobbies of interest which allow clients to know a real person with family and grandchildren garnered to benefit College Knowledge Skills and experience.

When College Knowledge is not busy with clients, preparation for workshops on the application process, financial aid, and scholarship acquisition are being upgraded. Work and play are often indistinguishable.

Many of The College Knowledge coworkers wish you to know:

  1. Phyllis is noted for helping, educating and supporting clients as they move toward their passions and plans for exciting futures.
  2. Phyllis is driven by prior successes.  She takes pride in providing a clear and concise road map toward the client’s goals.  She enjoys helping the students create goals if they do not come prepared and self-motivated.
  3. Phyllis’ passion for education can be traced back to excellence in education for over 40 years while working full time she earned degrees from UMPI, BSed,  UMO, Msed Counselor Education, and USM Certificate of Studies in Leadership. Although coming from Massachusetts all of her career experience has been in the State of Maine.
  4. Phyllis began her career, gaining unparalleled experience in education beginning in 1971.  During this time she began to establish herself as a respected educational leader.  Currently, she is widely known for her dedication and ability to grow through change over time in technology with expertise in the process of career and college planning.  She has lead 3 differing public schools through the NEASC school accreditation process.  Currently living in Windham, Maine she enjoys assisting school systems with long term substituting in the guidance office in order to keep her skill development current.
  5. Phyllis is proud to be well known for loving not only her career but the many students she has been able to support.  Her strengths lie in the area of pre-college planning with a dedicated timeline, application support for work or college, securing letters of recommendation, scholarships, and financial aid assistance, the interview process, help for students with disabilities to include (AHEAD, and LD on-line), International experiences, NCAA process, Myer’s Briggs personality inventory, and ASVAB aptitude surveys, resume, and college essay design, transcript review, SAT, SAT Subject tests, ACT, optional testing, transfer and deferment of college acceptances, online test prep and referral for live course of testing preparation. Apprenticeship programs are also explored.

Life is short and time is precious. The client needs a balance of independence utilizing both their brain and heart to follow a path to success.  The parent is continually kept in the loop.  Phyllis believes in failure.  This leads to students living up to their own expectations.  Phyllis treats others the way they wish to be treated.  She looks upon all things positively and puts a great deal of trust in intuition with supporting students to get the best value for theirs and their parent’s money.  Advocating and speaking for her client she has made it through both tough and good times.  Students transitioning are almost always fearful, whether they speak of it or not.  Parents are most often horrified not at the transition but at the cost of the transition.

It is most rewarding to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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What her clients have to say...

Emily Yuodsnukis

College Knowledge Sole Proprietor Phyllis is the most experienced college counselor I have ever met.  I have been fortunate to work with her for the past six years.  She works with students from start to finish through their entire high school and college until employment.  She truly wanted what was best for me.  She listened before offering advice.  With her help I was able to get into 11/12 schools that I applied to and got a significant scholarship to the school I ended up attending.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing college planning or career change and planning.

Helene Tassone

College Knowledge is run by a professional Guidance Counselor with over 40 years experience helping students find the right match for college as well as guiding them through the applications process, assisting the family with financial aid searches and scholarship opportunities. Let College Knowledge help you take that next step in your educational journey.

Roger LeBlanc

One of those companies that proves its return of value during your first meeting.  Don’t go to college without contacting College Knowledge, Sole Proprietor, Phyllis Worthley at (207) 720-0598  or

Michaela O’Brien

Thank you so much for all of the help with my college application process.  Your endless support and knowledge helped me greatly during this trying year of Covid.  I will check in often.  I am so excited to begin the Nursing program at Worcester State, Ma.

Jeanne Helie

Phyllis has been instrumental in helping my grandson with identifying the plan for his future and setting the goals required to be successful.  Her knowledge of the current options and requirements made the process of moving forward understandable and attainable, NOT formidable.  Phyllis has continually made herself available and in so doing, my grandson has confidence in his future success as do I.