Why Hire a College Consultant?

Why Hire a College Consultant?

As the statistics continue to show, the benefits of receiving a higher education are undeniable and speak for themselves.  Many families are turning to private college consultants as the family watches the cost of college become prohibitive to the middle class.  There is also this little problem called COVID.  Students and families alike are confused by the changes and so many courses are now available online. Is that a good thing or a bad?

Up until these events families depended solely on a high school counselor or the internet.  While these readily available resources are still utilized for general information school counselors are overwhelmed with the mental health aspect of student anxiety and worries about their own future in a most difficult profession. Heavy work loads, administrative duties and paperwork, not to mention a crisis may crop up in the middle of your child’s important meeting which gets bounced to the sideline when another student is in crisis.   There simply is no time for the general high school counselor to generate an individual strategy custom-tailored for a specific applicant. High School Counselors work with hundreds of students without any experience as to the depth and breadth of the amount of work needed to help a student put their best foot forward and reduce the family stress.

Online resources cannot build an application portfolio that emphasizes the precise qualities that make an applicant suitable for a specific college, especially a top-tier institution.  Parents may think they know how to best guide their child. How much can a busy parent, occupied with a full-time job and worries of covid know about present day admissions.  College is not what it was 20 years ago.  The competitive nature of current college admissions changes from year to year.  Given today’s unusual circumstances it is not surprising that many college applicants rely on a combination of self-will and pure luck to gain admission into the college of choice.  Unfortunately this well-intended combination of resources is simply often not enough.

College consultants help students present their best selves.  Academically, consultants will look at grades and test scores, while also considering learning styles and fit when deciding between smaller, more personalized colleges, and larger research universities.

Socially, consultants might ask your child where they stand politically, what kinds of friendships they want to develop and how often they want to come home.  These answers will help identify the place where your child is most likely to thrive.  Many high school students want the fantasy of going far away and learn by the end of first semester that close to home is not a bad idea.  Can they afford to transfer and will their grades demonstrate what they are capable of doing when lonely and feeling trapped.

Amongst the most helpful benefits of a private college and career consultant helps to ease the tension between students and parents that often arises during the college admissions process.  A consultant can help the last years before your child leaves home to be filled with ease and joy.  The college consultant is a natural mediator, who is able to discuss deadlines, work ethic, procrastination without the tag of nagging placed on the parent.  As most parents and high school counselors do not have the time or energy to become an expert in college admissions, this works out well on all accounts.

This college consultant can guarantee you will not pay anymore for private services than you save.  Your child will be in the running for grants and scholarships that might have not been identified without this service.