Why Hire a College Consultant?

Why Hire a College Consultant?

Statistics continue to show that the benefits of receiving a higher education are undeniable and speak for themselves. Before these unprecedented times of Covid, parents and families depended on information from their schools and guidance counselors. But, as families watch the cost of college become more prohibitive to the middle class, with more restrictions due to the pandemic, they are turning to private consultants to assist them in navigating the college search process.

In the years of Covid and beyond, school guidance counselors are overwhelmed with trying to meet the needs of other students’ mental health, their anxiety, and worries about their future. With heavy workloads, administrative duties, paperwork, crisis management, and counseling; there is minimal time for the HS guidance counselor to generate an individual strategy, custom-tailored for a specific applicant. Here is where a private consultant can meet those needs.

Online resources cannot build an application portfolio that emphasizes the precise qualities that make an applicant suitable for a specific college, especially a top-tier institution.  Parents may think they can offer guidance to their children but the College process is not what it used to be. The competitive nature of current college admissions changes from year to year. Given today’s unusual circumstances it is not surprising that many college applicants rely on a combination of self-will and pure luck to gain admission into the college of choice. Unfortunately, this well-intended combination of resources is simply not enough.

On an academic level, consultants will review grades, test scores, and learning styles. This information will help determine what might be the best fit when deciding between, smaller more personalized colleges and larger research universities.

On a social level, consultants might ask your child where they stand politically, what kinds of friendships they want to develop, and how often they want to come home. These answers will help identify the place where your child is most likely to thrive.

Many high school students envision the fantasy of going far away but by the end of the first semester, they often realize and learn that being close to home is not a bad idea. Transferring to another college brings on anxiety and questioning! “Can I afford to transfer? Will my grades demonstrate what I am capable of doing?” A private counselor can help with these queries.

One of the most helpful benefits of a private college and career consultant is they mediate and alleviate the family tensions between students and parents that often arise during the college admissions process.

The college consultant is a natural mediator, who is able to discuss deadlines, the importance of a strong work ethic, and the pitfalls of procrastination.

This college consultant can guarantee that the student will have every opportunity to apply for grants and scholarships which may lessen the financial burden of attaining a higher educational degree.